Page Org

Organize web pages you care about

Simplify your web browsing experience with our powerful tool for organizing the web pages you care about across browser and mobile devices. With our easy-to-use platform, you can quickly categorize and access your favorite sites, ensuring you never lose track of the pages that matter most to you. Try it out today and start organizing with ease!

PageOrg simplifies bookmark management by automatically importing your browser bookmarks. With PageOrg, you can easily edit page names and descriptions, add tags, and perform bulk actions such as opening or deleting pages, apply tag with just a few clicks.

PageOrg provides you with easy browsing history management capabilities. You can quickly bookmark pages of interest in bulk or selectively clean up your browsing history with granular controls.

On any web page, convenient access to PageOrg app with a simple shortcut (Shift + Alt + D). Within the app, you can quickly find the pages you need using text search, tag filtering, domain selection, and date range filtering. You can also bookmark the current page within the PageOrg app for easy future access.

PageOrg also includes additional functions such as multiple tutorial flows in its Help Center, which allows you to go through the app step-by-step. Additionally, the Setting page provides customization options for themes and shortcuts to personalize your experience.